The Historical Burnett-Garfield House at 84 Main Street, Southborough

Photo Credit: Bridget Brady

Who Are We?

We are The Friends of the Burnett-Garfield House.  Inspired by the grassroots efforts of Southborough teens last summer to prevent demolition of the house, the Friends group has adopted their HistoricalGood website to continue advocating on their behalf and for the “historical good” of the whole community.  Our membership includes devoted parents of the teen activists, dedicated Southborough citizens, and others motivated by the beauty, history, and legacy of the house and its original inhabitants.

What’s Our Mission?

We work to preserve The Burnett-Garfield House, one of Southborough’s most historically significant and highly visible landmarks.


The Burnett-Garfield House holds an irreplaceable link to Southborough’s past.  Its one-of-a-kind architecture and landscape give our town a personality unlike any other community in New England.  Saving The Burnett-Garfield House also makes economic sense, as it will impact property values, enhance tourism, and highlight the beautiful character of our Main Street.  Regret only goes one way.  If demolished, The Burnett-Garfield will be lost for all time.

Like Us!

“We are talking about something that cannot be bought.  It’s our heritage and it needs to be saved for our community.”  
- Ben Burroughs

“We are talking about something that cannot be bought.  It’s our heritage and it needs to be saved for our community.” 

- Ben Burroughs